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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What do you want to be??

Typical question, by typical adults, to typical kids, “What you wanna be when you grow up?”

As a typical Malaysian kids, we always gave a typical answers, “I wanna be a doctor! Lecturer! Engineer! Accountant! Scientist!! Teacher! Lawyer! Pilot!etc..etc (typical profesional jobs as we always thought)”

But for me, I always want to be an archaeologist! 

I can still remember, my teacher asked me when I told her that I wanna be an archaeologist, “don't you allergy with all those things, rocks, dusts?” And I answered her back, “I don't really mind, I just want to be, what I wanna be!”with high level of confident.

The passion to be an archaeologist still followed me until I realised that its not really a demand course in Malaysia, means, it was not offered for undergraduate in Malaysia. Then I go for geology, because it a little bit resemble archaeology.. 

And Alhamdulillah, I really made a wise decision, by choising geology!! I really had much of fun and enjoyed my life back then..and now, I am partially an archaeologist and geologist!!!

Why I love geology during undergraduate? 
-We travels a lot..LOL
-We close to each other. Like brothers and sisters
-Our lecturers are really like our own parents, until now they still give us motivation, though!
-Because I wanna be an archaeologist!! Hohoho

In reality, by studying geology we actually study the past. Which every single things, wonderful things we will related it to The Almighty (as a believer!). Everything happens for a reason, and as we digging deep, the answer would be, ‘it came from a creator, The One and Only!’

And believe me, most of our lecturers (during undergraduate) were really a good exemplar of practical Muslim (I hope, I will be just like them).. May Allah bless and ease them with everything in this world and hereafter..ameen...

“Terima kasih Prof, terima kasih Dr!! Semoga ilmu yang dicurahkan ini akan dapat dicurahkan pula kepada generasi akan datang.. Sebagai bekalan amalan yang berterusan...”

‘Batuan adalah makhluk yang pendiam, tetapi berkata-kata lebih daripada seorang pujangga dan jujur lebih daripada seorang hakim, Hamzah Mohamad,19??(alamak Prof, lupa tahun thesis Prof ==')’

From Birm, with love, 

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