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Thursday, 29 May 2014

My saviour

Do you remember my post about stress which led to eczema on my face?? Last week, when I was really stress with a facial eczema, and hay fever, additionally with the worst suggested cream by GP? Only Allah knows the feeling!! 

After applied the 'steroid' aka that worst cream on my face, the eczema became swollen! 
This is the steroid based cream which gave a bad impact to my eczema!

Then, I tried to take my own allergy relief pills (which the must for me if I got some itchy, hayfever etc since I am an allergy kind of person *kulit mahal kata my bestfriend*) and Alhamdulillah, its working!! 

This antihistamine is my real hero, my own saviour beside the cream that I applied currently! 

And of cause all of these are just a tool that relieve my symptoms, by the will of Allah!! Alhamdulillah...

Thank you Allah for always being nice to me.. I am the one who always denying all of Your blessing.. ‘Indeed which of the blessings of your God will you deny?’

I would love to upload the picture before and after, however only few pictures I put my scarf on (that few pictures to share with my family group in whatsapp so I need to put my scarf on because of the presence of in law) and its also a selfie pictures which I don't think it appropriate to share with others.. Huhuhu..

So, insyaAllah I am getting well, with my saviour by my side, and prayers from others too. And above all, by the will of Allah!!! 😊

From Birm with love, 

I just..don't believe in COUPLE?!

Most of the time when people asked me about ‘someone special’ and I answered them with BIG NO, they seem quite surprised! 

Honestly, I don't believe in any relationship between man and woman, I mean the non halal one! I just..don't believe in couple!

For me, it such a waste to commit with someone that not surely be yours, and to follow what he/she wants you to be. 

I love to be free! I hate being monitored, hate been asked about anything that I did by someone that don't even have the authority to ask so! 

Am trying to live life to the fullest while I'm  still single and not a wife or fiance of somebody! 

Its really hard actually to take care of your heart, than others! Its totally disaster!! 

Because our hearts are controlled by Allah, and He is the one who hold our hearts.. 

Yes, as a normal person, I got that feeling, in fact I've fallen in love, twice! But He always save me from the non halal relationship, alhamdulillah!! Thank you Allah for all your blessing.. He knows that I don't believe in that relationship, and He always granted me with someone that I can be with (I mean a good, close girlfriend) so that I won't feel lonely.. 😍😍😍😍 Alhamdulillah again!! 
And yet, I still don't believe in couple. 

From birm with love, 

Mesmerizing the good old days!

Lately I was addicted with Doraemon!!

Its actually keep me more happy than others can give me!

Its really good to memorising your good old days, as time fly so fast and you don't even noticed every seconds that you left behind..

If we take in positive way, Doraemon was very motivated anime which teach us not to be as lazy as Nobita, as domineer as Giant, or as boastful as Sinyu.. But try to be as kind and helpful as Doraemon, and as gentle as Shizuka!! @_@

I grew up with Doraemon, and of cause with other cartoons, but honestly Doraemon give big impact to my life!! LOL

And pathetically, even it foods make my mouth water in vain!! T.T oh, Dorayaki!! Katsu Udon, etc.,etc... Nyum2!!
*hahaha..mesti wana wano gelak besau ni*

Now, I'm trying hard to leave this cartoon behind (as I already done watching most of the episodes in youtube..LOL), and trying not to distract my mind with other unbeneficial things!! 

Fighting!!! Sufiah!! You go girl!!!

From Birm with love ❤️❤️❤️

Desperately need Your Love and begging for Your Jannah

Life is a motion.. If something distract you, don't quit, just move on... If you stop and pause, its will killing you, either silently or deeply inside..

When talking about life, I always relating it with love. “Life without love, is no life at all”, Leonardo da Vinci..

Either you realised or not, but everything in this life started with love!

And the great first and foremost love is to love by The Almighty!! Allah!! Allah!! Allah!!

Yupp!! I seriously, desperately need His Love.. Rather than putting my hope into others, I just need His Love to convince me for all things that I've done in this world..

To love by Him and to be in love with Him  is the greatest thing that His slaves can achieved! And I want to be one of them.. 

Oh, Allah!! I desperately need Your Love and begging You for Your Jannah.. Please Allah, let me, my parents, my future husband and kids, my family, and my friends to be among those You Love and grant us with Your Paradise.. Ameen...

From Birm, with love,

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fallin' sick

Lately, I was so depressed, stress etc.

At one point, I was thinking that I might be warded because of depression..

Hay fever, cold, cough..all these things were easily infected me..

And the worst part is, I was facing up a facial eczema in response to stress!!!

Oh, only Allah knows how was the feeling... When you met your GP, and they suggested you to apply a cream that make things even worst!! Your face became swollen, your eczema became more bigger and itchy!!

Allah...Allah...Allah...Is this only Your Trial or are these my 'kifarah dosa?'

I admit, last few weeks lately, I was so depressed, and totally over-sensitive..

In fact, when I face anything, even it is small as an atom, I will take it deeply.. Am too sensitive, though!!

Honestly, I don't know how to manage stress! How to overcome depression!

People might think that I am happy, as I always be, but only a little know what I was struggling to be!

Yes, I am happy go lucky.. even a new friend of mine can see it from my personality, but the truth is I was always crying heavily at their back! T.T

Few years back, I was having an unstable emotions syndrome (I called it so), because I'm only can feel happy (laughing, smiling), sad (crying secretly, moody, stress, etc), and zero anger! And actually those unstable emotions syndrome was haunted me until now! I don't even know how to scold people, how to get mad and how to express my angriness!!

And believe me, its actually killing me inside...

But that's not the issue right now, my depression are the most worst things I ever had for 26 years of my life!!

Am crying most of the time, unfocused doing my works, headache, and the latest one, eczema(surprisingly!! I don't even know that people with stress are tend to get an eczema??!)


I'm writing not to get your attention, and forgive me if my fb status was like getting your attention of my problems, I just need something to motivate me..

Seriously I need someone that can give me moral support, and in return, Allah gave me a bundle of people who willing to share their experience regarding eczema things (which totally enough for me  to feel thankful) thru Facebook.. Alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah!!

Nevertheless, life must go on.. Even I was burden with tonnes of obstacles, I still need to face it through!!

Always keep remembering this phrase, Sufiah, 'We don't aim this world, we aim hereafter'

All are well!!

From Birm, with Love,

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review back my 2014's goals!!

Its already May, and what??!! I just realised that I have 12 goals to achieve by the end of this year.. Means, before I am going back to Malaysia for holiday!!!

I am actually running out my time, only 4 out of 12 been achieved or on going, How about the rest??

Op, you need to be focus, productive and motivated!!

Keep moving!!!

Plan your time well!!

Don't wasting your time by doing something that unimportant to your life..

"By time. Indeed mankind is in loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience (103:1-3)"

p/s: need to review back my goal every month (one of the resolution which I totally forgot =..="

From Birm with Love,

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jatuh cinta pada orang biasa yang luar biasa..

Entry ni macam agak mengarut sikit, tapi this is the truth..

Kebelakangan ini, diri suka sangat baca pasal Uwais al-Qarni.. Siapa Uwais tu? Tak glamour katanya..
Memang pun, sebab tu la, dia orang biasa yang luar biasa.....

And diri rasa terjatuh cinta pada dia..Wah, kalaulah ada Uwais al-Qarni zaman sekarang ni, memang tak teragak-agak suruh abang-abang masuk meminang....

Uwais al-Qarni, dulu saya pun tak kenal, sampailah akak saya namakan anak dia, Uwaise (5 years ago), barulah terhegeh-hegeh nak menggoogle, siapa Uwaise ni?? (anda-anda sila google sendiri ye, banyak cerita pasal Uwais ni)

Uwais al-Qarni, tidak terkenal dibumi, tapi terkenal dikalangan penghuni langit..

Uwais al-Qarni, doanya sangat makbul dan mustajab, sampai Rasulullah saw pun suruh Umar dan Ali ra meminta Uwais mendoakan mereka jika berjumpa dengan Uwais..

Uwais al-Qarni, betapa cintanya pada Rasulullah sampai sanggup mematahkan giginya setelah mendengar berita gigi Rasulullah patah dalam peperangan Uhud..

Uwais al-Qarni sangat menyayangi ibunya, bagi memudahkan ibunya yang sakit pergi menunaikan haji, dia sanggup membela seekor lembu, dan membina rumah untuk lembu tu di sebuah bukit. Setiap hari, dia akan angkat lembu itu turun dan naik semula ke atas bukit untuk makan (orang-orang sekeliling mengatakan dia gila) sehingga lembu tersebut gemuk. Hikmahnya, otot-otot dia mula kuat, dan mudah untuk mengangkat ibunya untuk pergi menunaikan haji dari Yaman ke Makkah... Allah!!

Uwais al-Qarni, taatnya kepada ibunya, sehinggakan kemahuannya untuk menunggu dan berjumpa Rasulullah terpaksa dilupakan dek kerana pesanan ibunya...

Uwais al-Qarni, disaat kematiannya sungguh ramai yang berebut untuk menyempurnakan jenazahnya, dan ini menggemparkan penduduk Yaman, kerana dia adalah seorang fakir dan tidak dihiraukan orang... SubhanAllah!!

Hah, jatuh cinta tak??

Inilah yang dinamakan jatuh cinta pada orang biasa yang luar biasa!!! *ceh, op berangan...*

"Oh, Allah, I desperately need Your Love and Your Bless to enter Jannah...Kalau jatuh cinta pada makhlukMu membuatkan aku semakin lupa padaMu, maka Engkau halangilah aku dari jatuh cinta dengan penuh kehinaan itu.. Maka, Engkau pertemukanlah aku dengan seseorang yang mencintaiMu lebih daripadaku, dan boleh membimbing aku dan bakal zuriat-zuriat kami ke arah SyurgaMu... Ameen.. "

From Birm, with Love,

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Kembara spiritual 3: Cinta eksklusif hanya untuk Dia

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Sebelum diri terbuai mimpi..

Nikmat yang paling besar yang dapat saya rasakan disana adalah nikmatnya menjadi single. Yes, honestly all this while, I am always asking kenapa lah saya tak bertemu jodoh lagi sampai ke sekarang ni?? Bila ada orang nak, saya tak suka, bila saya pulak nak, dia pulak main tarik tali..ehh??sila abaikan...

Ye, sangat bersyukur kerana diberi Allah peluang untuk beribadah kepada Dia dengan cukup eksklusif sekali.. Tanpa komitmen lain yang menyekat.. Tanpa keluarga yang mengikat.. Alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah!!

Disaat rakan-rakan sebaya mula menghapdate status tentang anak, menghapload gambar bersama keluarga tercinta,  secara jujurnya saya cemburu..  dan kadangkala perkara tu membuatkan saya mula menyoal apa hikmah semua itu.. Dan tanpa disedari, Allah answered my question, disana.. ye, disana...

Eksklusifnya cinta kepada Dia, tanpa sebarang gangguan lain..
Eksklusifnya cinta Dia, tak perlu berkongsi dengan hambaNya..
Eksklusifnya cintaNya, sepenuh hati dan perasaan boleh dikhususkan untuk Dia, hanya untuk Dia...

Dan, mula diri terasa bersalah dengan ibu abah (masa pergi umrah dengan mereka sewaktu kecil dulu), mungkin mereka juga ingin beribadah sepenuhnya, tapi disebabkan ada anak-anak, tanggungjawab yang melekat, membuatkan amal ibadah mereka tersekat....

Disana, I am free to iktikaf, free to baca Quran, free to Qiam, free to do all the ibadah... Sangat tersentuh dengan hikmah tersebut... Sesungguhnya, Allah ingin pelihara diri ni daripada cinta sang Hamba, sebelum benar-benar mencapai cintaNya...

Allah, sesungguhnya diri ni khilaf, sesungguhnya diri sentiasa kata cintakan Mu, tapi sebenarnya amal perbuatanku jauh sungguh daripada cinta Mu...

Allah, ampuni dosaku, dosa ibubapa, dosa bakal suami dan anak-anakku, dosa kaum keluargaku, dosa sahabat-sahabatku.. Kurniakanlah kami SyurgaMu serta nikmatnya dan apapun yang mendekatkan kami dengannya, baik perkataan atau amal perbuatan dan lindungi kami dari NerakaMu serta azabnya dan apapun yang mendekatkan kami kepadanya, baik perkataan atau amal perbuatan... Ameen....

The End

From Birm, with Love,