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Friday, 27 June 2014

Fruit picking, at Tillington Court Farm

We went there with the rest of ‘ahli rumah buaya’.. Since ‘adik kecik berdua’ were walking really fast, and the rest of us were trapped in the rains, so we took this opportunity to eat and eat and eat a lots of strawberries there!!!πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

The ready to ‘pick your own’ fruits for this season are strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, blackcurrents, raspberries!! 

Because apples are not yet ripe, we only can take our pictures with ‘them’...

At the end, we only picked strawberries to bring back homeπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

This is how I enjoy my summer with ‘adik-adik rumah buaya’ before they going back to Malaysia and I move out to hall...😭😭😭😭

But wait!! Our next trip will be tomorrow!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

From Birm, with love,

Monday, 23 June 2014

Hargai masa sendiri, hormati masa orang sekeliling..

Semakin bertambah hari, semakin bertambah gentar dan kegusaran hati meniti hari-hari mendatang..

Masa.. Sesuatu yang Allah bagi sama rata kepada semua, tapi berapa ramai yang dapat menggunakan masa sepenuhnya dengan sesuatu yang bermanfaat?? 

Bercerita tentang masa, ye, saya tau saya bukanlah seseorang yang sangat menepati masa, dan saya sendiri kadangkala sedang bekerja keras untuk menepati masa yang saya sendiri aturkan.. Tapi, saya agak pantang seseorang berjanji, namun, janji tinggal janji!! Get my point??

Let make things clear.. Contohnya, hari ni, ada seseorang berjanji nak jumpa pukul10 am, so kita pun dengan tergesa-gesanya bersiap, dan datang tepat-tepat pukul10, unfortunately orang yang berjanji tak nampak batang hidung pun??!! Tunggu punya tunggu, 20 minit kemudian dia baru datang, and say sorry sebab pegi tempat lain before that.. Okay, minggu pertama dimaafkan.. Next week, and weeks after pun kejadian yang sama berulangkali!! Oh my!!!! Geram betul!!!


Tolong, saya student, saya banyak komitmen dengan pelajaran saya.. Saya takde masa nak tunggu orang, saya takde masa nak bertoleransi dengan orang yang tak pandai hormati masa saya!


Kalau diikutkan, saya pun bukanlah particular tentang masa ni, tapi kalau awak tak dapat datang awal, at least inform. So orang lain tak tertunggu2.. And saya pun takde la nak suruh orang sampai sharp on time, kalau setakat 3-5 minutes lambat, boleh lagi dimaafkan! Ini dah la datang 20 minit lambat, setiap minggu pulak tu?!! Awak, awak tau tak, 20 minit tu banyak keje boleh saya siapkan! 😭😭😭😭

Awak, moga awak akan menghormati masa-masa orang lain walaupun awak tak hargai masa awak. TQ!!

From birm, with love,

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A visit to Manchester... AGAIN

The initial idea was to attend a talk about a believer's Ramadan (Twin of Faith UK, 2014).

Since I have two bestfriends here and  my friend from Birm is not yet visit this city, so we decided to extend our stay (sehari je pun)...

And the old trafford stadium is the must, for sure..hihihi✌️✌️πŸ˜…

As well as the university.. 😊

Because their house are just a walking distance to university, and there is a museum nearby university, so we went to  the museum (and because I am really passionate about history)!! 

I am a (mikro)palaeontologist, and I lovee dinosaurs so muchhhh!!! 

Next trip...York and Durham!! InsyaAllah...

From Birm, with love ❤️❤️❤️

Pengharapan ini hanya padaMu...

Kadangkala.. Hidup ini perlukan kesukaran, barulah kita faham erti pengharapan...

Kadangkala.. Hidup ini penuh dengan kebahagiaan, sampai kita lupa nikmat yang Allah berikan...

Kita ego.. Kita riak... Hidup ditahap yang selesa...

Bila Allah uji, dah goyah, bila Allah duga, dah mengalah...

Semua yang ada, semua pinjaman.. 

Allah.. Pengharapan ini hanya padaMu...

Allah.. Redhakan aku dengan ujianMu..

Allah.. Tabahkanlah hatiku dengan dugaanMu...

“Satu hari, aku terbangun dari tidur yang agak selesa. Dan pagi itu, aku diuji.. Diuji dengan ujian hati.. Diuji dengan orang-orang sekeliling yang mula menghentam diri.. Allah, aku tak tabah.. Aku kata aku redha, tapi dalam solatku sentiasa bergenang dengan airmata.. Dan malangnya, itu hanyalah airmata kerisauan terhadap reaksi orang pada diri ini.. Allah.. Sungguh, saat itu tiada yang dapat menenangkan, tiada yang dapat membantu.. Hanya Mu,  Engkaulah sebaik-baik tempat pengharapan...”

Pergantungan ini hanya padaMu Allah...

Manusia, tiada yang mampu..
Manusia, tiada yang tahu..

Khilafnya diri, meletakkan manusia ditempat yang tinggi!!

Allah, lepaskan hatiku dari dunia.. 

*sedikit takzirah, perkongsian dari sahabat tersayang..*
Kita ada anak kecil.
Umur 3 tahun.
Satu hari.
Kita tengah masak di dapur.
Si anak ternampak pisau.
Merengek-rengek dia menangis.
Nakkan pisau jadi mainan.
Agak-agak kita bagi?
Tentu lah tidak, kan.
Adakah ini tandanya kita tidak sayangkan anak?
Bahkan, kerana sayanglah kita enggan
Walaupun di mata anak.
Pisau itu 'menyeronokkan'
Tapi kita lebih tahu.
Ia merbahaya untuk anak kita.
Kita lebih tahu.
Anak tidak tahu.
Begitu juga.
Kita dengan Allah.
Kita 'merengek' nakkan sesuatu.
Tetapi Allah tidak izinkan.
Adakah Allah tidak sayangkan kita?
Bahkan, kerana sayanglah.
Kemahuan kita tidak diturutkan.
Malah diganti dengan yang lebih baik.
Kerana apa yang kita mahukan itu.
Mungkin kelihatan baik pada pandangan kita.
Tapi tidak pada pengetahuan Allah.
Allah lebih tahu.
Kita tidak tahu.
Mari bertasbih, tahmid dan takbir mengagungkan Allah swt. SEBARKAN tulisan ini agar damai hati-hati yang membacanya..

Jika tiada rezeki anak,
mungkin diberikan rezeki mertua yang baik.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari mendapat anak
yang liar.
Jika tiada rezeki wang ringgit,
mungkin diberikan rezeki kesihatan.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari kerisauan menjaga
harta dunia.
Jika tiada rezeki kereta mewah,
mungkin diberikan rezeki kenderaan yang jarang
menimbulkan masalah.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari membayar
kerosakan yang mahal.
Jika tiada rezeki rumah yang besar,
mungkin diberikan rezeki makanan yang tidak
pernah putus.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari si gelandangan.
Jika tiada rezeki pasangan yang cantik,
mungkin diberikan rezeki pasangan yang baik
dan pandai menguruskan rumahtangga.
Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana hidup berteman
dan terjaga segala.
Jika tiada rezeki jodoh,
mungkin diberikan rezeki umur ibu bapa yang
Maka kita lebih bahagia dapat berbakti
sepenuhnya pada orang tua.
Jika tiada rezeki hari ini, mungkin ada rezeki
yang lebih baik pada esok hari.
Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana rezeki yang tidak
Bersabar. Bersyukur. Berusaha. Berdoa.
Hanya Dia, Allah Yang Maha Adil

Pengharapan ini hanya padaMu, Allah..

“Ya Allah, letakkan dunia didalam genggamanku, bukan dihatiku...”

From Birm with love, 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

West Midlands Safari Park day trip

This last minute plan went smooth.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

We went to West Midlands Safari Park and having so much fun there. 

The journey took place about 1hr from Selly Oak, Birmingham (our home). 

There were a lots of animals, and they were really friendly as well (means we can feed them)..

For the animal lovers like me, its really good to visit this safari as the animals were freely walk, (not in cage as typical zoo) and we can touch them while feed them.. ❤️❤️❤️

The admission price is £14.39 per person as we got discount for students!! (^_^)Y . And its took about an hour to finish a round (depends on the traffic, for sure) by car. 

For me, its really a recommended day trip to visit with your family or friends!! 😊✌️

From Birm, with love,

Friday, 6 June 2014

Another challenge!!

Another challenge to my self.. Guess
what?? Wuhhuu!!! Lossing weight, and be healthy!!! 

It almost 2 years since I left the rigid/strict healthy lifestyle. And obviously I am gaining a lot of weight!!and a lot of stress too.. T..T

I just want to spend my life happily, free from facebook, free from insta, free from social network that seriously always make me out of focus... Live quietly and silently.. And enjoy every single moments that Allah gave to me without mean any harm to others.. 

And at the meantime, transform into a new person, a fit, healthy and happy person!! Oh, yeah!!!

To make this thing real, I've booked for several aerobic classes (which actually I've done so far, but now with more discipline routine 3x per week), cut my food portions (aka diet), thinking of register for swimming classes (since only the swimming class have a lady only session) and lastly, go through a 30 days of abs and squat challenge!! 

Am I too ambitious??

Okay, just wait and see..

Go Sufiah, go!!

‘Lets dream to the moon, and make it into reality’

From birm with love, 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Free social network challenge!!

Because I am having a really bad stress management skills, now I've decided to challenge my self! 

30 days of free facebook, starting from 1 june-30 june, and 30 days of free insta, starting from this Saturday 7 june- 7july.. 

Its not because of others, it was totally came from my side..my internal self...

Lately, I was really over sensitive towards something, perhaps its the response of stress.. 

Even a small little things will disturb my self..and it will drag me to react negatively towards something...

Thus, I decided to keep quite and silent from social network.. 

And I bet, people who are really concern about me know how to contact me.. 

From birm, with love,

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What do you want to be??

Typical question, by typical adults, to typical kids, “What you wanna be when you grow up?”

As a typical Malaysian kids, we always gave a typical answers, “I wanna be a doctor! Lecturer! Engineer! Accountant! Scientist!! Teacher! Lawyer! Pilot!etc..etc (typical profesional jobs as we always thought)”

But for me, I always want to be an archaeologist! 

I can still remember, my teacher asked me when I told her that I wanna be an archaeologist, “don't you allergy with all those things, rocks, dusts?” And I answered her back, “I don't really mind, I just want to be, what I wanna be!”with high level of confident.

The passion to be an archaeologist still followed me until I realised that its not really a demand course in Malaysia, means, it was not offered for undergraduate in Malaysia. Then I go for geology, because it a little bit resemble archaeology.. 

And Alhamdulillah, I really made a wise decision, by choising geology!! I really had much of fun and enjoyed my life back then..and now, I am partially an archaeologist and geologist!!!

Why I love geology during undergraduate? 
-We travels a lot..LOL
-We close to each other. Like brothers and sisters
-Our lecturers are really like our own parents, until now they still give us motivation, though!
-Because I wanna be an archaeologist!! Hohoho

In reality, by studying geology we actually study the past. Which every single things, wonderful things we will related it to The Almighty (as a believer!). Everything happens for a reason, and as we digging deep, the answer would be, ‘it came from a creator, The One and Only!’

And believe me, most of our lecturers (during undergraduate) were really a good exemplar of practical Muslim (I hope, I will be just like them).. May Allah bless and ease them with everything in this world and hereafter..ameen...

“Terima kasih Prof, terima kasih Dr!! Semoga ilmu yang dicurahkan ini akan dapat dicurahkan pula kepada generasi akan datang.. Sebagai bekalan amalan yang berterusan...”

‘Batuan adalah makhluk yang pendiam, tetapi berkata-kata lebih daripada seorang pujangga dan jujur lebih daripada seorang hakim, Hamzah Mohamad,19??(alamak Prof, lupa tahun thesis Prof ==')’

From Birm, with love,