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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Flying to Philippines

Another solo trip to foreign country.. Initially, I went there just for attending conference. But because I need to wait for another flight, (the conference was held in Bohol Island), so I took the opportunity to walk around Manila. 

Intramuros a city behind wall. The only place that I managed to visit that day.. Huhu..  Its really interesting to know that behind the wall there is really a city though!!! It have several universities, schools, cathedrals, government departments, private sectors, along with the leftover buildings......

Next day, I flew to Tagbilaran city, where Bohol Island situated...

Breathtaking views during 5 days on the beach....

The funny thing during my stay there, people always confused me as Filipinos, and they always speak Tagalog with me..

In a nutshell, I love Philippines for its nature. Will definitely come back for Pinatubo and other Islands. 😘😘

From Birm with love,