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Friday, 6 June 2014

Another challenge!!

Another challenge to my self.. Guess
what?? Wuhhuu!!! Lossing weight, and be healthy!!! 

It almost 2 years since I left the rigid/strict healthy lifestyle. And obviously I am gaining a lot of weight!!and a lot of stress too.. T..T

I just want to spend my life happily, free from facebook, free from insta, free from social network that seriously always make me out of focus... Live quietly and silently.. And enjoy every single moments that Allah gave to me without mean any harm to others.. 

And at the meantime, transform into a new person, a fit, healthy and happy person!! Oh, yeah!!!

To make this thing real, I've booked for several aerobic classes (which actually I've done so far, but now with more discipline routine 3x per week), cut my food portions (aka diet), thinking of register for swimming classes (since only the swimming class have a lady only session) and lastly, go through a 30 days of abs and squat challenge!! 

Am I too ambitious??

Okay, just wait and see..

Go Sufiah, go!!

‘Lets dream to the moon, and make it into reality’

From birm with love,