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Thursday, 29 May 2014

My saviour

Do you remember my post about stress which led to eczema on my face?? Last week, when I was really stress with a facial eczema, and hay fever, additionally with the worst suggested cream by GP? Only Allah knows the feeling!! 

After applied the 'steroid' aka that worst cream on my face, the eczema became swollen! 
This is the steroid based cream which gave a bad impact to my eczema!

Then, I tried to take my own allergy relief pills (which the must for me if I got some itchy, hayfever etc since I am an allergy kind of person *kulit mahal kata my bestfriend*) and Alhamdulillah, its working!! 

This antihistamine is my real hero, my own saviour beside the cream that I applied currently! 

And of cause all of these are just a tool that relieve my symptoms, by the will of Allah!! Alhamdulillah...

Thank you Allah for always being nice to me.. I am the one who always denying all of Your blessing.. ‘Indeed which of the blessings of your God will you deny?’

I would love to upload the picture before and after, however only few pictures I put my scarf on (that few pictures to share with my family group in whatsapp so I need to put my scarf on because of the presence of in law) and its also a selfie pictures which I don't think it appropriate to share with others.. Huhuhu..

So, insyaAllah I am getting well, with my saviour by my side, and prayers from others too. And above all, by the will of Allah!!! 😊

From Birm with love, 

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