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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pabila diri teruji dengan umpatan dan cacian...

Kita perlu 'berbaik sangka' sebagai akhlak yang mendominasi. Tapi dalam baik sangka itu, perlu kecerdikan sifat 'hati-hati'.

Bukan dengan 'baik sangka', kita bersikap bodoh terhadap muslihat orang.

Bukan juga dengan 'hati-hati', kita jadikannya alasan untuk buruk sangka dan pandang negatif pada semua orang.

Jadilah Muslim yang pertengahan.
Kecerdikan lahir apabila kita berhubung teguh dengan Yang Maha Cerdik.

~Ustazah Fatimah Syarha 

From Birm, with Love

The Lost Momentum

I just realised, currently I am  a little bit out of momentum....

I always blamed summer for all the turn down of my daily routine...(oh, people like me, always come out with several excuses...)

But, its really true, that summer really give a big impact to my life... I need to change my sleeping routine, need to adjust my solat time, etc, etc..

Even now, I really can't adapt my self with this kind of situation. Oh, pity me!! I am wasting my time just to adapt with summer!! Oh, Allah, please give me a courage to overcome my laziness, my lacking of interest!!!

I want to achieve, what should I achieve

I want to get PhD with flying colours!

PhD, here we go~~

I wish, I can wear this at the end of 2015, or at least by July 2016...amin.... :)

Seasons come and go..
Just like me, letting you go....

From Birm, with Love,

Summer is leaving??

Days passing through...

And now, summer are really at the end of its conquering?

No more sunshine, no more sun bathing...

Its back to the normal gloomy day...

Without any sun, but with more rains...

We'll ended our Ramadan with such this gloomy day....

From Birm, with Love,