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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mesmerizing the good old days!

Lately I was addicted with Doraemon!!

Its actually keep me more happy than others can give me!

Its really good to memorising your good old days, as time fly so fast and you don't even noticed every seconds that you left behind..

If we take in positive way, Doraemon was very motivated anime which teach us not to be as lazy as Nobita, as domineer as Giant, or as boastful as Sinyu.. But try to be as kind and helpful as Doraemon, and as gentle as Shizuka!! @_@

I grew up with Doraemon, and of cause with other cartoons, but honestly Doraemon give big impact to my life!! LOL

And pathetically, even it foods make my mouth water in vain!! T.T oh, Dorayaki!! Katsu Udon, etc.,etc... Nyum2!!
*hahaha..mesti wana wano gelak besau ni*

Now, I'm trying hard to leave this cartoon behind (as I already done watching most of the episodes in youtube..LOL), and trying not to distract my mind with other unbeneficial things!! 

Fighting!!! Sufiah!! You go girl!!!

From Birm with love ❤️❤️❤️

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