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Monday, 31 March 2014

Travelling..there's no need to rush!!

All this while, I always thinking about travelling, and obviously since I've been here, the keen to travel is greater than before..

And I don't really mind, even if I have to travel alone, yes ALONE!

In fact, I have my own aim, to finish travel around Europe, ALONE (on the final stage of my study)..

I don't know, is it some kind of protest or am just trying to enjoy my single life to the fullest??
(orang kata nanti dah kahwin susah la pulak nak travel-travel ni, nak2 kalau husband jenis yang tak suka berjalan T.T *MENANGIS*)

Even ducks have their own travel buddy!! errr...Me??LOL

At one point, I was like desperately need to go to all the beautiful places that I've plan before the end of my study (confirm dah start keje nanti susah sikit nak berjalan-jalannya!)

Until one day, I was pondered by a facebook status of my friend (she's one of my close and support friends here, indeed)

Thanks kak, its really meaningful, and beautiful thought!!

Now, I just need to lay back, relax, read all the journals and do my research with a smile on my face!! Wuhhuu!!! :)

Prioritise your life, Op!! Study is a part of ibadah..

"We don't aim this world, we aim hereafter"

Ada rezeki, ada.. Kalau tak de rezeki, takpelah....

*P/S: Okay, tapi saya still nak berjalan2 ye!! LOL...Cuma not so rush as before...*

From Birm, with Love,

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