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Monday, 10 March 2014

These really happen when you are abroad...

Its really funny:

when you can let a stranger stay in your house,

talk to them as you already knew each other for years,

let them use your properties as they are your best buddies,

never afraid of being cheat at the first place,

or always willing to lend your hand to help a stranger when they are in need...

And tell you what, these really happen when you are studying abroad.

The strangers can be your friend..

The strangers will help you in need…

The strangers will always there to talk to you…

Obviously that strangers are a Malaysian too….


Its totally frustrated when you can't really become that strangers anymore once you touch down your country!

"Ukhwah akan lebih kelihatan indah dan mesra jika kita jauh dari negara asal kita"… (me said)

Dear me, 

I knew that I am not really a good and nice person, but I have to struggle hard to become one!!

I knew that every time I did a good deeds, Allah will double/triple my rewards as a preparation for the hereafter, so do all goods deeds, even when I die, it will be rewarded continuously..

So just be nice and warm to all people not only here, but back to your own country as well!!

From Birm, with Love,

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