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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The forgotten blessings

Its been so long since my last posted. Quite busy to manage life and be happy!  After all, I don't have any idea to write down and share with others. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

2014 means a lot to me. My second year as PhD students, being a 27 yo woman, tortured by a life demand, etc, etc. 

Then something came cross my mind, because in my life, I've been through a series of unanswered prayers. I did prayed for somethings but eventually He didn't granted it all. For example: 

1. I want to study abroad after finish my SPM
2. I want to be an archeologist.

But when I started to think it deeply, He did answered my prayers, but with His own ways! 

1. He sent me here, to pursue my study (better late than never right?)
2. He directed me to study geology and became a geologist which is more or less similar like arheologist! 

Yes, He did, granted my prayers! Not in a way that I wanted, but in the way I needed. 

Looking back all the blessing He gave to me, am seriously couldn't count it all! But why on earth I always do something that will make Him angry?? Allahu rabbi.. 

Being alone, living in a student hall, far away from friends and family sometimes make me feel lonely.. Especially when I fallen sick alone (I was infected by a chronic cold and cough for almost 2 weeks). Then I started to realise one thing, actually lonely is not a problem at all, it just me, who didn't feel thankful and ungrateful with all His blessings! 

Yes, all of these was once my choice. I did asked for these. And He gave it to me, what I really need. Allah, please forgive me, for all my sins! 

 I hope 2015 will promise me a lots of love, happiness, joys and courages! May He bless and ease everything for you and me.. Allahumma ameen.. ;)

From Birm, with love ❤️, 

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