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Friday, 6 September 2013

Autumn is just around the corner! Good bye Summer!! Say bye to unorganized sleeping routine!!

Today, 6th September 2013. Which mean, in less than a month (24 days to be accurate), I will be finishing the first year of my PhD. And that's also mean, I leave Malaysia for a year!!

Today, Friday morning! And outside, it is raining mildly.

Autumn is just around the corner. The sun just started too shy to shine! The gloomy weather is getting its place. All the bad hot weather (especially during fasting month) will be replace by a cold gloomy weather!!

Personally I like Summer, because it's always remind me of my country! But I love Autumn and Winter the most! During Autumn and Winter the night will be much more longer compared to Summer! And I managed to arrange my sleeping habit! (I am a hibernate-type of person, I love to sleep, and I always counted how many hours for my sleeping time and it is enough??)

Back to Malaysia, I usually spend 5-7 hours per day to sleep. During Undergraduate, I will started to sleep at about 9pm -10pm, and waked up as earlier as 4-5 in the morning! And do some daily routine while waiting for Subuh prayer. After Subuh, I will started to finish all the assignments, and research progress or even do some revision. So, that's me, 4 years back!!

Unfortunately, when I furthered my Master, all the sleeping routine got vanished! I need to focus more with a-year master course and spent only 3-4 hours to sleep! SO HECTIC!! Luckily, it's only A YEAR!! Alhamdulillah!! Then my sleeping routine got changed back to normal when I continue my teaching thingy (start working!)

Now, I got a same 'sleeping routine' problem again during Summer! Oh, dear!! Especially during fasting month, not to blame that precious month, but me, the one who need to blame more! :p

Nevertheless, its already pass! And now we are reaching to Autumn! Thank Allah for letting me get this awesome experience!! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!

Till we meet again Summer, next year! InsyaAllah...

From Birm, with Love,

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