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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The love story between the Moon and the Sun :)

I always wondering about the love story between the Moon and the Sun. How both of them can be patient without meeting each other. And how they being so in love by supporting each other.

Let me exaggerate the story, consider the Sun as a male because it portrays the masculine features of strong, and the Moon as a female.

'Just like the love of Adam and Eve, the Moon and and the Sun was destined to complete each other. The love story between Moon and Sun existed much more longer than human being and their love persisted until today. Their love existed from the beginning of the world until the Day of Judgement. Their love will last forever and neither be change nor breed.

Unfortunately, they live separately. No matter how strong their love is, they are not destined to be together. The Sun will keep appear on the day, and the Moon will only appear in the night. Until one day, the Moon said to the Sun,

"Oh, Love. You shine on human, and all other creatures, made them happy, but truly I am lonely. You are never in my company. Could we be like humans, holding hand together, be by my side?"

Then the Sun replied,

"Oh, Love. I didn't shine on them to make them happy, rather, I am shining for you to show you how much I love you and don't want you to feel lonely. My shine will make you perfectly beautiful so that all women will envy and jealousy with your beauty."

That answer satisfied the Moon. So they live happily apart, but keep shining and reflecting to each other. But once, the Moon start to think, if her love was truly and deeply, she must be strong in order to be with the Sun. So she decide to linger and stay on the sky from morning until noon.

"Oh my love, Moon. Why you look so pale and sad?", asked the Sun one day.

"Oh my love, Sun. I'm sad because I can't be with you, but above all, I am look pale because you are shining so strong and bright. You showered me with so much love, that it caused me so much pain just to think that I'm not with you.", said the Moon.

Listening to that, he replied quickly,

"Do you want me to reduce my love, so that you can shine brightly?"

"Never, if you reduce your shines, I will still looking pale when the dark coming by. I will be forever alone, and the scar on me will never heal", replied the Moon.

Then they continue to live like that, until one day the Moon start to eager. If she can keep lingering from morning until noon, why can't the Sun? So she asked the Sun again,

"If I can lingered so bright on the day, why don't you do the same at night?"

Cluelessly, the Sun can't answer the question. After make some thought about it, he replied to the Moon,

"Dear my love, Moon. Have you forgotten the Words of Allah from the Holy Book of Al-Quran?"

So he recited a verse of Al-Quran from Surah Az-Zumar, verse 5,

(He has created the heavens and the earth with truth. He makes the night to go in the day and makes the day to go in the night. And He has subjected the sun and the moon. Each running (on a fixed course) for an appointed term. Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving)

Listening to the verse, the Moon start to cry. She asked forgiveness from Allah for trying to defy the rules of creations. Now she realises that they will never be together as the destiny said so. All she can do just watching him from far.

To ease the sadness of the Moon, the Sun start to recite another verse of Al-Quran,

(And the sun and the moon are joined together, (by going one into the other or folded up or deprived of their light)) (Al-Qiyamah, 9)

"Oh, my love, there will be time when we will be together. Please be patient," said the Sun to the Moon.

So the Moon and the Sun keep waiting and waiting until one day, they will be together (that would be the end of our world).'

This is a really tragic and meaningful love story that I ever heard. It keep me believe that Allah will always be fair to all His creations.

**I read this story from somewhere (can't really remember the source), and I just use my own kind of writing skills to deliver the story. Really apologise you if you find it as same as other writers (we might have the same thought, though!! X) ).

From Birm with Love,

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