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Monday, 3 December 2012

Stand still

Living in other people places make us feel strong sometimes...

We need to adapt ourselves with the environment, people, essences, surrounding, etc..etc..

With whatever we are working on,  we need to be more rigid, and more tougher..

And these kind of things, are not happening without any effort..

We should try our best and give all our contribution without complaining....

Because we are the chosen one...

Allah choose us to be here, as a 'khalifah', as an 'abid'..

What we need to do right now is stand still!! Because we actually need to keep reminding ourselves that all the obstacles will make us feel strong.. 

Yah, Allah always be by our side...

And the strongest ever weapon for muslim is a pray...

So, keep praying...and keep hoping for Allah's forgiveness and His blessing along our way....

"I am usually remind my self that I am the chosen one, because among all, I was choose to be here, as a student...alhamdulillah... :)"

From Birm, with love,

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