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Monday, 3 December 2012

A lovely weekend

Being far away from our country actually will make ourselves more closer with each other..

All Malaysian will be as a one big family, without any hesitation..

Last weekend, I spent myself with Kak Enny and her family, and with other adiks to celebrate Masyie's birthday!

Happy birthday Masyie, May Allah granted you with happiness, blessed you with His Gracious, and protected you with His Greatness...amin....

Kak Enny and her husband, abg Hafiz are very kind and generous..alhamdulillah.. I met another fantastic people here throughout my journey...

Hopefully, will be more closer with other Malaysian family here as it make me feel like being at home..with my parents, kakaks, abangs and nieces, nephews... :) Insya'Allah...

Till then..

Ukhwah fillah, abadan abada...

From Birm, with love, 

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