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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

kulit muka licin dan berkilat (3)

After a few months of hiatus, I am back with the skin care advice??lol..
(caution: this entry consist of few selfie, kalau menyampah, tak yah bace..)

Yes, I know that I am not the right person to refer to if you are having a problem with your skin, but  it worth sharing some experience though! :)

I know every women dreamt of flawless, clear skin. So do I. And I know how stressful and miserable your life will be when your skin full of acne. I've been through the ups and downs skin condition, and I heart you, babe!!

Fortunately my skin was not really terrific, only few stubborn acne on the face, but I felt really stress with that condition because it was like going to live there forever!!! oh god!

If you already came cross to my previous post about skin -> http://chaidan-op.blogspot.my/2012/12/kulit-muka-licin-dan-berkilat-2.html?showComment=1465720576489 I think you would really like to know the progress right?? Let me be honest to you, in the UK, I was having the very worst skin condition ever (hopefully it won't happen again after this,,fuhhh).

The first and second year, I tried to use clinique products again and tell you what, the products were really a nightmare for me! My skin got a breakout, from dried skin to very very dried skin, and the pimples were like everywhere (I know this a little bit exaggerate, but that was how I felt back then). Then I went back to the clinic that I mention in my previous post (Klinik Dr Ramizi I think), and met Dr Rohani again, she said I was having an allergy response towards pollen (as I am an asthmatic person) and gave me the advice to take some supplement whilst living the UK, and continue with the acnotin. And its honestly not really work to me anymore, so I did tried using hadalabo for maintaining the moisture of my skin,  krim kunyit tia emilia on the night, and isispharma products for pigmentation (neotone products- these actually the name of product suggested by doc, that I forgot on previous posted). And alhamdulillah after the struggle, my skin getting better! :)

First and second year..full of acne! Me, the one in front. 

Hadalabo products that I used until now. Kalau kulit kering, ni la penyelamat.. both. You can find it in watsons ke, guardian ke..

Neotone, biasanya beli through ebay kt UK, tapi most of the doctor pakar kulit in Malaysia macam suka products ni(mungkin sebab ada beberapa org kawan pun pernah disuggest guna isispharma ni), so boleh beli dengan depa, kot??

The third and forth year in the UK seem the ups and downs of my skin but I don't really mind as it was not really bad as in first and second year. In the struggle to get the flawless, clear skin, I did tried other home remedies for acne, turmeric mask (tak insap2 sufiah ni kan??fuhhh..) and that time I figured out my skin is really good towards turmeric (as I did applied the krim kunyit before). So, I made my own turmeric mask (turmeric + honey+ milk powder) and applied on my skin. Not really amazed with the result, but once my friend said, my skin looks really fresh in the morning just after I woke up. Okay la tu...

Both masa third year, alhamdulillah skin makin better!! :)

And the other product that I used from the early this year until now is bareminerals make up. I don't know where to buy in Malaysia, but if you really want the natural looking skin, I am totally recommend this product. Its not only cover your acne, but in my case, it cure the acne. Alhamdulillah!! :) Even though now I am not really committed with makeup (been obsessed for few months before), but I think it worth to try!!

Memang tak nampak sangat perubahan nye pun, kata nak natural.. heee

From Muar, with love..

Missing Birmingham really much...huhuhuhu

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