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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Solo woman traveler!

Most of my friends asking me to write a travelog. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to even think about writing (I mean, a long one) for all my travel experiences. Beside, I am now really in the middle of my thesis writing stuffs (for sure you can imagine how miserable and hectic my life would be, nowwww....) 

But yeah, for summarising, here are few tips for a solo woman traveler like me:

1. Plan your journey ahead. Please, if you are going to the non-english country, please bear in your mind that not all people there understand what you are talking and asking for. You should plan your itinerary ahead, where to go, what to do, how to get the public transport, etc. Although you can just ask it directly from the tourist information kiosk/centre, but incase you couldn't find any, atleast you already got the plan with you.

2. Make sure you have enough money, or atleast credit or debit card with you. Yes, you did plan for the journey, what to and not to spend for, but, sometimes you might overspend it. Always happen to me, whilst buying souvenirs for my relatives and friends..huhuhu...

3. If you're travelling during winter, please make sure you bring a lots of warm cloths. Once, I was stuck in the middle of night, on the stormy winter season, where the temperature was -10c, during my transit for the  next destination. And I was like, its really too cold for me to handle the -ve temperature. But luckily, I did bring few sweaters that make me warm that night...fuhhhh.... 

4. Just bring a few foods, cereal bars, incase you need to munching during the journey. But, still, you can just buy a lots of food during your journey. There are a lot of super/mini markets along your way, though! :) And if you're staying in a hostel basis accomodation, there are usually near to mini markets to buy some groceries to cook in their kitchen!! :) But if you're a muslim like me, you need to be specially aware about the ingredients of what you want buy (you need to avoid the alcohol and meat based things!).

5. Have faith!! Whatever your religion is, have faith that God will help you if you're stuck in anything.. Or atleast, have faith in your ownself!!

6. Lastly, just enjoy your 'me' time! yeahhh!!!

From Birm, with love,

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