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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Inspirations. Study, and searching for Jannah :)

Looking for some inspiration, energy booster and driving force...

When people said, you must have a supporting system for your PhD journey, but me, I am searching for new own interest and hobby to keep me happy!

This journey is ain't easy...

Sometimes it drive me crazy.

mmm...unlike MSc, PhD make me appreciated my life more, and have a true faith and hopes towards Him..

There will always a reason when things happen. And sometimes me either can't understand what He's trying to do, but I believe that He will always give the best for me..InsyaAllah...

As a energy booster through my entire PhD journey, I always asked Him to grant me happiness, either through family or friends. And He always did! Alhamdulillah..

Honestly, as a human I can feel the void in my heart when I, at this age, doesn't have anyone special. That's why I always asked Him to give me some happiness. And I don't really mind if it comes from family, friends or special one.

Yes, its true that sometimes I felt down, upset, depress and stress, but I always remind my self that whatever I do, I do it for Allah!! AND I NEED TO DO IT FOR ALLAH!!!

Seriously, I am looking for some sincerity! Sincere to study, sincere to gain small part of His knowledges, whilst the biggest concern is to search for Jannah(Heaven)!!

Everyday, I need to remind myself about this, I NEED TO BE MORE SINCERE, IN ORDER TO GAIN JANNAH!! (kata nak masuk Syurga kan?? :) Ahli Syurga kena banyak berjihad ye Sufiah!!)

(Senyumm...bila terbayangkan indahnya Syurga..tapi layakkah diri ini??))

Last but not least.....
Everything I do, I'll do it for You, Allah!!..
Bi iznillah....

From Birm, with love,

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