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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Journey to the South England!

Okay, I promise, this will be the last weekend getaway for this year!! Need to be more focus with my study, its my priority here anyway! 

The journey began by visiting Bath-Stonehenge(yg batunya dah tak nampak, naseb baik dah pernah sampai last year)-Lulworth Cove-Durdle Door-Minack Theatre-Lands End-St Ives-Mandi laut UK-Hartland Quay-Clovelly Village! 

This time, our main focus are the beaches! And rocks as well (geologist la katakan 😍😍)

Day 1-Bath, Dorset

Royal Crescent, Bath

Roman Bath.

And because the entrance fee for Stonehenge is too expensive (atleast for us, yang tak rasa benda tu menarik sangat pun), so we decided to continue our journey to Dorset (Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door)..

Lulworth Cove, the place that I always go for fieldtrip 😅😅

Durdle Door, a continuous rock formation of Lulworth Cove! All along the Jurassic Coast. The Durdle Door was formed by limestone arch from Portland Limestone. And as you go farther up, you'll find chalk as a cliff, along the beach! 

Day 2- Minack Theatre, Lands End, St Ives, mandi laut 😜😜🙈

Minack Theatre, Penzance...

Land's End, penghujung tanah UK!! 🙊😍😍

St Ives beach.. 

Mandi laut time! Sorry takleh nk upload gambar tengah mandi, cekcii!! 

Day 3- Hartland Quay, Clovelly Village

A breath taking view of Hartland Quay.

Clovelly Village, where the steep, cobbled street tumbles down pass gleaming white cottages to the tiny, deep blue harbour!

Along the way, we found several farms! Berhenti tepi, snap..snap..snap...

But one place that we actually can't find, a black church rock.. We can't find the access to cliff actually!!😓😓😅

Impian tak kesampaian.. 

Oh by the way, we stayed in caravan for 2 nights!!

Such a great opportunity to travel to the South England with nice person.. Alhamdulillah.. 

From Birm, with love, 

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