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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunflowers at Hitchin Lavender, Ickleford

Initially we were planning to go next week, but because we are too afraid that the sunflowers (and LAVENDER too) will be harvest soon, then we decided to go there this weekend! Its an ad hoc plan though!!

The weather was so nice and the cloud was so clear!! 

The sunflowers were sooooo amazing!!!

And we were really enjoyed our moments together!! (You can see it from our expression!!LOL)

Totally recommended place to visit!!

From Birm with love, 


  1. Salam opie.
    Selamat bertemu di alam blog.
    I include your blog in my bloggers link ya :)
    From Birm with love..hehe...

    1. wsalam..
      hihihihi...hai, selamat bertemu..
      Alah, blog ni blog mengarut sikit la, malu iolss... kalau rasa nak mengarut, tulis kt blog..kihkih..
      neway, thanks!! :)

  2. Perghh terbaik la.. Bila la ada peluang nak sampai kawasan macam tu huhuhu... mengidam jer la :D