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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Just a sense of motivation for myself...

"When talking about love, people always said, 'It just a matter of time'.. Yeah, definitely!! We are planning, but Allah also got His plans...so, just follow the flow!!"

Deep inside, yeah, I love him.. but no matter how hard we try, if Allah says no, the answer will be no!!
And I am preparing myself for any obstacles... If everything going easy, he might be the one for me... But if everything going to doom, I will let him go... Even it is really hard to swallow... ~.~'
Dear HE,
I know you like me, but you don't feel any spark yet...isn't it??
AND, I don't want you to try loving me, because I know sometimes our heart wouldn't cooperate with our mind!!
Its actually VERY HARD if you pushing your heart to love someone, because this feeling was came unpredictably!!
And now, I am letting you go...
If we are meant to be together, the friendship will turn automatically into a serious relationship (love)... But if not, you and I will find another GOOD and BETTER person for both of us....
(I knew, you are always stalking me..but I don't know either your ego or you are afraid of commitment which stopping you from responding me...so, I dedicated this chorus specially for you..heuheuheu XD)

"Biar kuputuskan saja
Ku tak mau hatiku terluka
Lebih baik kucukupkan saja
Ku tak mau batinku tersiksa
Jangan kau selalu merasa
LELAKI bukan dirimu saja
Lebih baik kuputuskan saja
Cari pacar lagi"

Hopefully, our friendship will still remain until Jannah!! insya'Allah!!
I REALLY LOVE you as my friend,
One phrase that I will hold forever, 'I rather be just friend forever, than being your girlfriend..then when we break up, will lose you all together!!'

From Birm, with Love,

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