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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

marry me...please....

they keep asking me....'when will you get marry??'

for some reason, I think, that is the funniest question they 'tend' to ask??isn't it??

who will I marry to if I do have no one??

if marry is as simple as a, b, c or 1, 2, 3...i'm not scare to say or even shout, 'marry me now!!!!please.....' to all my 'crush'...hahaha...(*ramainye!!!)

the only thing that i can do right now is hoping, waiting and searching....and the MOST EFFECTIVE way is to PRAY...

personally, deep inside my heart, i still can feel that emptiness....without anyone to love...but, what can i do??

just...don't pressurize me with that kind of question again, ok!!!

so, right now, if they still ask me about this thing, the best answer that i can give is...'next year'...ok, just wait and see...is it possible??

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