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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Which university??

By hook or by crook, i need to further my study, end of this year or early next year...it is possible??

Now, i'm trying to survey which university should I select and struggling to identify what is my field of interest....

Really in dilemma right now....

Anyone can help me choose??or at least give some advice....

Going to the most important thing/aim right now....

Ok, trying to finish my fieldwork, and struggling with my final project...and graduate in this coming OCTOBER!!!yipppy!!!!!

But there is another problem here, i didn't actually know either the extension for my study leave have been approved or not..hohoho...suka-suki je wat cuti sendiri....

And the other checklist things,
1. Sit for IELTS.
2. Go to BTN for Master/PHD level.
3. And of cause, the offer letter!!!lalalaa~~~which i didn't started to apply for a place yet (this thing really stress me out!!!huh!!!)
*(later)4. VISA, study leave approval (again!!!), accommodation during my study & etc....

Adui...too many things to handle...really need to manage my time wisely!!!!


I know Allah is always by my side...insyaAllah, everything will going to be fine..just try to work harder and pray for my own success....amin...

**And one more thing, just follow the flow, cause Allah knows best...(^____^)**

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